Strength Enhancer :

Raising the quality and hardness of cement.
Improve the cohesion speed.
Increase the ease of use and configuration.

Flux Agent:

It consists of fluoride additives, and is used as an adjunct fusion in the production of gray cement, as it reduces Melting point to facilitate the production process.

Calcium Fluoride:

Calcium fluoride is used in the production of white cement as a refractory agent, it lowers the melting point and increases the brightness of the white color.

Sodium Sulphate:

used in tanning leather to remove Hair from the skin until it is tanned, also used in dyeing; where you melt Sulfur dyes.

Sodium Hydrosulfite:

It is used in the printing and dyeing industry.

Ammonium biflouride:

It is used in aluminum coating.

Sodium flouride:

It is used in the treatment (fluoridation) of water.

Sodium fluorosilicate:

It is used in the manufacture of glass and ARCOPAL and minera.

Environmental contamination remover/ (Ad blue):

It is added to factory exhausts to reduce harmful emissions, and is used as an injection Car exhaus.

Chrome Reducer:

It works to reduce the proportion of chromium in cement.

Sodium Aluminate:

It is used as a setting accelerator for concrete.


It is used as a leather softener in the tanning industry.

Acidum formicum:

Used in tanning industry.

Trisodium phosphate:

Used in detergents industry.

Phosphoric acid (50% : 55:

Used in detergents and dyes industry.

Sulfuric acid.